Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg

Join us at 25 Chalice Circle. Map and directions here.
Welcome to our Fellowship, located at 25 Chalice Circle!  We are an inclusive congregation, welcoming people of all kinds, all cultural origins, all religious backgrounds, all sexual orientations, all political persuasions. Our mission here at UUFF is to nurture learning, inspire spiritual insights, create compassionate relationships, and lovingly transform our community and the world.  We hope you will join us!
 Please Note: In case of inclement weather, call the Fellowship at 540-310-4001 to hear a message if services or events have been cancelled, check at the top of this page to see whether cancellations are posted, or visit our Facebook page.

Theme for April: Wholeness

April 21

That Which Will Not Stay Buried
Rev. Doug McCusker
Worship Associate: Shari Pastore
Adult Choir Performs

We are told to “let go” of the things that cause us pain and suffering so we may move on.  Sometimes, in order to do that, we must resurrect that which we buried inside of us.  On this day of Easter, when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, let us dedicate ourselves to uncovering those things which are keeping us from flowering into our whole selves.  Join us for our Flower Communion ritual as we celebrate the resurrection of Spring.




Mowing the lawn can be a chore, what with the heat and the sweat and the noise.  But, don’t forget about the time that you have with nature.  All the thoughts that you can have to yourself.  The conversations and the songs that you can sing.  Who doesn’t love that?  Please consider signing up to help cut the grass at the UUFF.  The areas that need to be cut are around the fellowship and up the drive.  We have a John Deere riding mower that you can use as well, and Ed Rodriguez will happily give you an orientation on how to use it.  The main thing we need is the grass cut.  If you feel so inclined, then you can go ahead and do some weed trimming and clear off the sidewalks as well.  Let’s keep our beautiful building looking beautiful!  Want to help out?  Sign up by clicking this link, and many thanks in advance!