Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg

Join us at 25 Chalice Circle. Map and directions here.
Welcome to our Fellowship, located at 25 Chalice Circle!  We strive to be an inclusive congregation, welcoming people of all kinds, all cultural origins, all religious backgrounds, all sexual orientations, all political persuasions. Here, we hope you will find opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, intellectual stimulation, comfort facing the challenges of life, and kindred spirits who are wanting to find community and religious expression.  We hope you will join us!

This Month’s Theme: there are no themes for July and August

July 30

Post-Truth and Alternative Facts
Christi Bayha, Patty Davis, and Jim Hall
Worship Associate: Andy Cameron

Christi Bayha, Patty Davis, and Jim Hall will facilitate a panel discussion on post-truth, “alternative facts”, and how to judge what is honestly true in today’s media.  They will speak about how this impacts them each professionally from their personal experiences as a librarian, an archivist, and a journalist, respectively.


Join us for Summer RE from July 2 — August 27!  The schedule of classes is as follows:
July 30:
Grades K-6 – Caminando en Espanol with Rev. Doug
 Rev. Doug will lead a walk in the woods while teaching our children the Spanish words for the things they encounter.  Bring water, comfy clothes, and closed-toe shoes.
August 6:
Grades K-6 – Photography with Leslie Cruz
Grades 7-12 – Summer Service Project Part 3
August 13:
Grades K-6 – Awesome Adventures Asea! with Janelle Kennedy
Ahoy, mateys!  Captain Janelle will teach some simple knows, talk about what living on a boat is all about, and then she and the kids will build their very own sailboats and set them afloat!  Parents, you might want to dress the kids in clothes that can get wet!
August 20:
Grades K-12 – Summer Service Project – Working Together!
August 27:
Grades K-6 – Music with Jason Michael